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We Make World-Class AR & VR Experiences

We Are Digital Design Specialists

Experts in AR and VR

At TBA Digital, we design and develop immersive AR and VR applications that can simulate a drill bit chewing through rock a mile underground or reveal the inner workings of a tabletop medical lab - and much, much more.

We Make Interactive 3D

Our animators create beautiful 3D models allowing users to explore your product through Virtual Reality, an Augmented Reality application, or any touchscreen device.

Multiple Delivery Mediums

You've done the real work: creating your product. Let us deliver it as an AR, VR or 3D app for smartphones, tablets or web. We even do custom trade show installations.


Explore Our AR and VR Projects

Boston Scientific
Interactive Touch Table
Our team produced this custom-built, 50-inch interactive table to illustrate a new method of delivering anti-cancer drugs to tumors. By its very design, this interactive table invites up to four participants to use it simultaneously, allowing them to explore independently and share their discoveries with the other users.
3D Car App
We created this AR app for Celanese's exhibit at the Detroit Auto Show, where they wanted a way to demonstrate the ubiquity of their specialty materials in automobiles. Visitors could use an iPad to explore a car, inside and out, and the app would highlight Celanese’s products wherever they are typically used.