Fluke wanted to develop an interactive game that would help them to draw attention to the launch of their new product line, the CNX 3000 series Wireless System. The game was built with five levels that are different problems that could occur on factory floors; the problems could only be resolved by using a combination of tools from Fluke’s tool belt. The player would be timed and their times would be submitted to a scoreboard, the fastest player would win a set of the new Fluke tools.

TBA Digital worked with Fluke’s original concept to adapt it to be optimized for tablet devices. The game was programmed with a user management system which allowed administrators to track best times, as well as view the user information entered into the lead generation form at the beginning of the game.

The game was released in 6 languages, with full social media access allowing users to share their best times on their social media platforms.


  • Gamification
  • Released in 6 languages
  • Optimized for tablet devices
  • Scoreboard & timer system
  • Database capturing lead generation information & users scores
  • Ability for users to share on social media