Abbott Diagnostic | Accelerator a3600 robotic system video

Project preview
Project preview
Project preview

The Brief

Abbott Diagnostics systems use advanced robotics to automate tasks commonly handled by human laboratory technicians. To showcase their a3600 and p540 systems, we developed an app and a series of videos.

The app features interactive 360-degree, 3D views of each of the systems and its components. Embedded hotspots connect to contextual information and images. These can be emailed to potential customers.

Whenever we produce this type of work, we do exhaustive interviews with our client to ensure that the final product is not just clear and engaging, but accurate. Depending on the job, our team will take the time to review sales brochures, technical documents, CAD files, and maintenance manuals. We often visit the site for training or to take videos of the machines in use so that our diagrams and animations are as true to life as possible. Our clients insist on it.


  • Custom 3D models for two large, detailed systems
  • Two 3D animations of each system and its key components
  • Custom iPad application
  • Digital brochure of the application for distribution

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