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The Brief

We all know that better diet and exercise are the best ways to combat heart disease.

The next best way to prevent heart attacks is interventional cardiology, a minimally invasive treatment for arterial blockages. It involves inserting long guide wires tipped with specialized instruments through a patient’s blood vessels. But there are hundreds of different combinations of these tools and wires available to physicians. They’re made by several different companies and they all have subtly different functions.

Abbott Vascular asked TBA Digital to create an app to catalogue all these specialized tools—regardless of the manufacturer. The app would have to shift between multiple languages, allow for almost unlimited entry of new information about the instruments as they were updated, and display graphs and charts illustrating the features and treatment benefits of each.

We created a program that sales reps and surgeons can use to quickly compare the instruments visually, and then access all the other information they need to select precisely the correct one for a given procedure.


  • Gracefully handles browsing hundreds of products under many categories.
  • Comparison feature allows users to select from a number of products—competitors included—and analyze them side-by-side.
  • Ability to compare features through graphs and charts
  • Able to shift between multiple languages and regions
  • Able to handle unlimited entry of product information
  • Acts as a portal to preview changes
  • Changelog (record of every CMS user’s actions) tracks product information updates
  • Approval system complies with Abbott Vascular’s legal requirements
  • Able to shift between multiple languages

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