Smith & Nephew | Patient Positioning Systems


The Brief

Smith & Nephew is a global medical technology company. They make a wide range of products, from surgical instruments to bone cement to specialized cameras that can light and record images from inside the human body.

One of their product divisions includes attachments to operating tables for holding a patient’s limb or joint in a precise position during different surgical procedures. These chairs and armatures are quite bulky, so it’s seldom practical for a rep making a sales call to bring along the actual product to demonstrate how it works. Even at a tradeshow with sufficient exhibit space, the logistics of shipping and setting up physical products can be very costly.

Working with Smith & Nephew, we developed an app for use on iPad that allows their reps, or even their clients, to explore the features of these products in depth. With the app, they can zoom in on a feature for more detail, explore it in 3D space, or demonstrate its use with model patients.

It turned out to be a far more convenient way to demonstrate many of these products than using actual samples—and during COVID times, safer as well. With Zoom calls and video conferencing here to stay, the app also offers huge savings over setting up lights and cameras for “live” demonstrations.


  • Custom iPad application
  • Explores products in 3D space
  • More convenient than staging live or video demos
  • Far less costly than shipping and setting up actual product

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