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We Specialize in Marketing Medical Devices

We Are Digital Design Specialists

We Create MOA Animations

We can take you inside a complex medical device or a human liver cell to illustrate their innermost workings using stunning 3D animations.

We Create AR Overlays

Through innovative Augmented Reality, we can show how modern medical devices function, whether inside an operating theater, a lab, or the human body.

We Produce Key Opinion Leader Videos

Our KOL videos employ leading medical experts to showcase medical devices and prescription drugs while bringing real authority to product claims.


Explore Our Medical Projects

KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals
3D Mechanism of Action Animation

KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, now a part of Allergan, wanted to show how their new drug functions on a cellular level. We produced a 3D animation of KTX-101 breaking down subcutaneous fat cells and eliminating them from the body.

This type of work requires fidelity to the science, but there's an art to it, too. With Kythera's guidance, we visualized a complex biochemical process and brought it to life through state-of-the-art animation so that anyone can understand how their drug works.

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Smith & Nephew
Patient Positioning App

Smith & Nephew make devices that hold a patient's body and limbs precisely in place for hours during surgeries. Not surprisingly, many of these chairs and armatures are quite bulky, so it's seldom practical for a rep making a sales call to demonstrate these products using physical samples.

We developed an app for use on iPad that allows Smith & Nephew's reps, or even their clients, to explore the features of these products in depth, zooming in for more detail, manipulating them in 3D space, and demonstrating their use with model patients.

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Boston Scientific
Interactive Touch Table

Boston Scientific challenged TBA Digital to design an exhibit that would appeal to conference visitors with deep and informative content while encouraging them to share their experience with the people around them.

Our team came up with a custom-built, 50-inch, touch-screen table to display stunning 3D animations of TACE and Embozene. The table's square shape invites as many as four people to participate at once.

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Ambulatory Glucose Profile (KOL Video)

Dr. Roger Mazze developed the Ambulatory Glucose Profile to help clinicians and patients work together to create a customized treatment plan for diabetics. Abbott Diabetes asked us to produce a series of pre-launch videos showcasing the AGP. We scripted and shot a video featuring Dr. Mazze and backed up by detailed graphics to demonstrate superior patient outcomes through AGP.

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Brands We Have Worked With

We've worked with industry-leading brands over the last 10 years on digital projects from websites to apps to custom touch table experiences.

We've worked with industry-leading brands over the last 10 years on digital projects from websites to apps to custom touch table experiences.


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