Boston Scientific | Tabletop Interactive Exhibit


The Brief

Successful interactive experiences are engaging for the individual user. Unfortunately, this also tends to make them socially isolating. Who hasn’t found himself in a room full of people with their heads bent to their smart phones, all ignoring one another? Boston Scientific challenged TBA Digital to design an exhibit that would appeal to visitors with deep and informative content, while encouraging them to share their experience with the warm bodies around them.

Our team came up with a custom-built, 50-inch, touch-screen table to display stunning 3D animations of TACE and Embozene. By its very design, the table’s square shape invites as many as four people to use the table at once.

Turns out that when you’re standing next to someone who’s summoned a very cool 3D animation of the human circulatory system to the screen, or someone else who flicks a call-out box to your side of the table, it’s not hard to strike up a conversation. And when one of those people happens to be a member of Boston Scientific’s crack sales team, who knows where that conversation could lead?


  • Fifty-inch touch table
  • Custom hardware build
  • Multi-touch overlay
  • 3D product animation
  • 3D interactive menu

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