Celanese is a specialty materials company for a wide variety of industries. To you and I that means that they make high end plastics — like for the Automotive sector. When you make plastics the excitement is really in how your clients incorporate your material into their products. Celanese came to TBA Digital to get help demonstrating what is possible for their clients at the Detroit Auto Show. We created a virtual luxury car model and placed it in an Augmented Reality (AR) experience right on the tradeshow floor. Using iPads show visitors could move around the outside and interior of the car, highlighting all the components that were made using Celanese materials. Cool concept, cool car, great execution: makes for a compelling experience.

Beyond the duration of the show the app was made available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play.


  • Featured at the Detroit Auto Show
  • Cross platform AR app
  • Custom 3D model with multiple layers and embedded hotspot interactions
  • Able to switch between exterior AR and interior VR modes