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The Brief

Celanese is a specialty materials company; they make high-end plastics and other chemicals comprised of very long molecules. These products are everywhere. Each day, the average North American encounters hundreds of items made, at least in part, with materials from Celanese.

Celanese came to TBA Digital for help in demonstrating the ubiquity of their products at the Detroit Auto Show. Presented with an audience of motorheads, we created a virtual model of a luxury car and placed it in an Augmented Reality (AR) experience. Then we brought it to life on the tradeshow floor. Using iPads, visitors were able to move around and inside the car, highlighting all the components that had been made using Celanese materials.

Cool concept, cool car, and great execution made for a compelling experience. After the auto show, the app was made available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play.


  • Featured at the Detroit Auto Show
  • Cross-platform, augmented-reality app
  • Custom 3D model with multiple layers and embedded hotspots
  • Able to switch between exterior augmented and interior virtual-reality modes

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