MirrorTrip | Animation Video


The Brief

MirrorTrip is out to shake up the car rental business—or at least the part of it serving drivers who hope to rent a car in one city and drop it off in another. Normally, people requesting this kind of one-way rental are hit with a hefty surcharge. The rental company does this because once the rental ends, the car must be returned to the originating franchise. . . somehow.

This is where MirrorTrip comes in. It’s a social-commerce platform that pairs up two car renters wanting to drive between the same two cities—but in opposite directions. Together, they make a round trip. No drop-off fees for the customers. No stranded vehicles for the rental company. Everyone wins.

TBA chose to explain MirrorTrip’s win-win solution in a colorful and engaging animation.

What better medium for a tale in which everyone lives happily ever after?


  • Ninety-second platform demonstration animation
  • Original music score

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