Recreating the lab experience on the tradeshow floor is no easy task. Capturing the excitement that we associate with a lab is even harder, because on the surface labs aren’t that thrilling; petridishes, test tubes and statistical models…you get the idea. Plus, by now everyone has seen enough glitzy animations of equipment, so they no longer provide the WOW! factor to create a buzz at a show. So, we worked with GE to create an exciting virtual environment that used Microsoft’s Kinect as an immersive method of interaction. Visitors could move about a video game-like laboratory to investigate the equipment by simply waving their hands and arms. Part science, part Uri Geller.


  • Custom 3D virtual environment with embedded interactive objects.
  • Integration of existing video assets into hotspots
  • Custom workstation application built using the Unity video game engine
  • The Kinect motion controller allows trade show visitors a unique “wireless/zero contact” experience.