Apps vs. Websites

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Apps vs. Websites Part 1: Introduction

75 views • June 08, 2020

Apps vs. Websites
Part 1: Introduction


Ten years ago, apps and websites were two completely different animals. Nowadays, it seems there's been some cross-breeding. The distinctions are starting to blur.
Transcript In this next series of videos, we're going to examine apps and websites for mobile devices.
The term mobile device generally refers to two things: smartphones and tablets. Then we're going to discuss the essential differences between websites and apps and talk about which might be best for your business.
we'll look at a couple of case studies of businesses trying to decide which way to go.
Five years ago, that was a relatively straightforward decision.
But today, thanks to steady improvements in programming languages, mobile websites can do many of the things that once could only be done by apps.
But rather than wade into all that now, let's get straight to our next video, where we'll start by giving a little bit of history and defining some basic terms.

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